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The Active Bookworm

A corner of the internet dedicated to bookish content and low impact fitness video reviews!

Fitness Reviews

Find breakdowns and my thoughts on workout videos from a variety of Youtube channels or fitness apps, with trainers like Madfit, Natacha Oceane and more!

Expect to see a post every #WorkoutWednesday , but I do surprise posts occasionally!

Blog Memes

I participate in a variety of blog memes on an ongoing basis:

Tuesday- Teaser Tuesday, First Chapter First Paragraph

Top Ten Tuesday!

Friday- Book Blogger Hop and Friday 56

Check back for more- I like to start new memes often!

Book Reviews

I read and review novels from a variety of genres, but expect to find more YA here than any other genre. Some other genres include: classic lit, contemporary, Christian, non-fiction and biographies.


Every month, I’ll highlight an artist or an album that I’ve been loving recently.

Book tags+MORE!

Series I do:



and more!

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What is my why? For more about why I created this blog and my two major passions, click here.

The Active Bookworm

Founded in 2020 by a fitness, book, music, food, affectionado among many things!

Striving to provide informative fitness reviews and book reviews! Expect to find posts related to all things literature and fitness!

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